xOur Story

How it began

When we embarked on this dream, we understood that the work would be hard, the days (and nights) long, and the results unpredictable. We understood that all the efforts to achieve success were a frost away from devastation or a simple rainfall away from complete loss. But for us, we knew that we would be successful in spite of such things as we had the support of friends and family.  We invite you to be a part of our developing story.  Every day brings new people to our doorstep.  People that help shape our future.   We don’t take for granted the essential part that friends and family have played in getting us to where we are now so it is with the same respect that you are welcomed at our fledgling winery.

Nestled among a collection of some truly ‘Rock Star’ vintners in a conclave of Napa’s urban wineries, AvinoDos is the next generation of producers to carry the torch for the iconic status of premium Napa Valley wines.

AvinoDos is owned by Dan and Julie Dexter.  Growing up amongst the farm fields in Illinois that Dan’s family has owned since being homestead in 1836, his agriculture roots grow long and deep.

Our production is small but don’t miss this chance to get in on the ground floor with what’s sure to become Napa’s next superstar producer. Any visit to our winery is guaranteed to be intimate with high likelihood of finding yourself involved in some aspect of actual production…harvest, crush, bottling, or maybe tasting with the winemaker over a barrel of our yet to be released vintage.

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